Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do Not Be Afraid

Thursdays – Dawn’s Devotions for Writers

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.
I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your
hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”
(John 14:27 NIV)

On a scale of 1-10, where does your level of peace lie today?

Are you worried about how the kids are doing in school?
Your day job? The spouse’s job?
Your parents’ health?
How you’re going to pay the stack of bills sitting on the counter?

When it comes to writing what fears do you have?
C’mon . . . you must have at least one.

The first time I sat across from an editor at a writers conference, I was petrified. Though I'd prayed in my hotel room prior to the meeting, my heart pounded, begging for release. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing, of being rejected, of making a fool of myself. But the editor was kind and made me feel comfortable. And after he expressed interest in my novel and asked for a proposal, I walked out of the room with a smile on my face.

I used to be afraid that my stories would never be published. I also feared that my family and friends would think it foolish to spend so much time and energy on what some perceived as a hobby—wishful thinking—a fantasy. But with time and small successes, they began to take me seriously.

Once published, authors may fear their work not living up to other people’s expectations. Poor sales. Bad reviews. Not getting the next contract. Marketing and keeping up with social networks, blogs, book signings, and dealing with more deadlines can feel overwhelming.

If we let them, our fears can go on . . . and on . . . and on.
They can paralyze us. I’ve seen it happen with a few writers.
They’re afraid of failure. And they’re afraid of success.

But, we're not to be troubled. John 14 tells us that God offers peace.

All we can do is work as hard as we can, and leave the rest up to God and His timing. We don’t have to do it on our own.

And no matter how discouraging things may look today—or tomorrow—God is still in control.

Don’t be afraid.



  1. Thanks Dawn. I was just planning to sit down and work on some things for an up coming writer's conference, when today's devotion caught my eye. I have been anxious about the converence and preparing for it has been consuming my thoughts. I know God is in control, but sometimes that is easy to forget. Your blog was a nice reminder that I only have to please Him, the rest will work out however He plans it.

    Thanks again,


    ps, The great irony in all of this is that I write a blog on fear! :)

  2. Hi Leah!

    I'm so glad today's devo was helpful for you. Thanks for being willing to share your own fears about attending a conference. It's easy to be nervous. We're afraid of being let down after so much hard work and heart has been put into our stories and preparation to pitch them at these events.

    How awesome that you write a blog on fear. I'm going to check that out!

    In regards to the conference - prepare, pray, and take a deep breath. God will be there with you - you're going to have a wonderful time!



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