Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Press Feature Day: White Rose Publishing

Happy Manuscript Monday! (Annette here) At Seriously Write, we like to equip writers for their journey. One way we thought might be helpful is to share information about small publishing houses. Today we're going to feature White Rose Publishing. I had the privilege of being published with White Rose in 2007, and now I serve as an editor working with Nicola Martinez, the owner. If you write Christian romance, any length, this publishing house is one to consider as you're seeking publication.

Here's what Nicola Martinez had to say:

White Rose Publishing began as the White Rose line at The Wild Rose Press, and I became an editor for the line--and subsequently, senior editor--in 2006. In October 2009, I purchased the White Rose Line from TWRP, and it is now a completely separate entity.

White Rose publishes Christian romance exclusively and in all romance sub-genres. Agented and unagented submissions are accepted, and guidelines are on the website under the "writers guidelines" link. The best chance an author has to get published with us is to write a great story. I know that sounds vague, but it's really the truth. As long as it's a Christian romance, we'll consider it. Include an undeniable hook that keeps the reader engaged. Whether contemporary or historical, stay true to the time period, setting and characterization. We like to see character-driven, emotional stories, rather than plot-driven--although, we won't rule out any well-written and interesting story. It's also important to keep the Christian aspect in there. There must be spiritual growth. It's not enough to show the character pray before a meal or pass by a church. The faith journey is as important as the other plot points.


Nicola Martinez is publisher and editor-in-chief of the Pelican Ventures Book Group, which includes White Rose Publishing and Harbourlight Books. After writing journalistic articles for newspapers and magazines, Nicola moved into editing when she accepted a managing editor position of a small newspaper. She has worked as publisher and editor-in-chief of an international magazine, and has been on the retail end of books and periodicals, owning a Christian bookstore before becoming a book editor.

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