Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Heavens Declare His Glory and My Own Awe-induced Expressions

Writer’s Journey Wednesday with O

The Heavens Declare His Glory
and My Own Awe-induced Expressions
by Ocieanna Fleiss

“I’d so much rather teach about rocks.” A friend in my homeschool co-op spoke this astounding sentence to me the other day. She was assigned to teach astronomy, but had hoped for geology. “I just love rocks!” she said, her eyes brightening like geodes. “Rock formations shows God’s artistry, like a painting on the earth.” She went on to describe the school of American artists like Moran who reflected God in their glorious nature paintings …

Okay. I concede the awesomeness of canyons and mountains. I too appreciate how the earth’s beauty illustrates God’s handiwork. And I’m all for nineteenth-century artists, but, hello! We’re talking about space! No rock will ever make my heart pulsate like the Horsehead Nebula, or blow my mind like the immense power of a Black Hole, or thrill me as the uncountable galaxies. Nope. Not gonna happen.

This mind-boggling conversation plunged me through the time-space continuum to my college astronomy class. My professor was a boring, grumpy, frumpy atheist, but nevertheless, I couldn’t get enough of him. I admired his knowledge and wanted more, more, more. Every slide he showed sparked my imagination. When he talked about measuring space using prisms, I didn’t get the technical side, but I was humbled by the unthinkable massiveness of the universe. Every chapter in his self-written syllabus drove me to an old-fashioned fear of God. (Probably not what he intended.)

And this awe of God’s grandeur ached to be expressed. In truth it contributed to the birth to my longing to write. The heavens themselves declare his glory. All creation sings his praises. How can I help but voice my wonder at his majesty?

So, humbled by worlds unknown and the great heavenly expanse, I attempt to pen my feeble offerings to the King of the Universe. I strive for excellence, but fail miserably compared to his unreachable creativity. Yet He receives my scribbles with joy since, by the way, He’s also my Father.

What stirs your passion to write? Tell me in your comments below and be entered into a contest to receive a free copy of my book Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington.


  1. Hey O, I'll get the ball rolling. This morning I was reading His Word and enjoyed so much our conversation as He directed me to certain passages and then helped me understand how they applied to me. It's my relationship with Him that makes me want to write.

    BTW, readers, I'm not in the contest--but you could be. Leave a comment for a chance to win. :D

  2. My children that God has blessed me with inspire me more than anything during this phase of my life. They are so full of joy, innocence, silliness, and naughtiness. I am amazed by them every day and humbled that God has trusted me with four of His greatest treasures.

  3. Hey Tiffany! Thanks for the comment. I agree that kids are an inspiration. I've got four little ones and they inspire lots of writing--some fiction and nonfiction! They sure are a blessing, and they serve to refine me as well.


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