Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are You Praying?

Thursdays - Devotions for Writers

“When a believing person prays,
great things happen.”
(James 5:16 NCV)

Are you a person who prays?

Once a week? Once a day? All day long? Or just when desperate situations calls for desperate actions?

What do you pray about?

Finances? Your family’s health and safety? Relationships?

I strongly believe that prayer makes things happen. I believe God hears and moves on our requests to heal the sick, mend wounded hearts, and provide for physical needs.

We are so privileged to have open communication with our heavenly Father – with GOD. What an honor to speak directly to Him. As often as we’d like. Whenever we like. And He not only welcomes it, He desires it!

Do you pray about your writing? Ask God what He wants you to do with your skills? What you should write? Open yourself up to the Holy Spirit to give you the words? Do you ask how He wants you to go about developing a writing career? If at all?

Because of our limited vision, prayer isn’t about telling God what to do and when to do it. It’s about sharing the desires of our hearts, and then looking to Him for direction - trusting that He’ll do what’s best for us.

There is power in prayer. When we believe and pray, great things can happen. Doors can open that may provide opportunities for contracts and connections in the publishing arena. People may be touched – lives may be changed – by our words.

Through prayer, great things can happen in our own hearts and lives. We may gain greater insight into what He wants us to write. And we may find the patience needed to wait on His timing. The grace to be joyful over a fellow writer’s achievement. And the perseverance when our own success doesn’t come as easily – or as quickly – as we’d like.

Are you hoping for great things to happen in your life?
Pray. And trust that they will.


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