Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look for Small Miracles

Thursdays - Devotions for Writers

“We live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Cor. 5:7 NIV)

Do you look for and recognize the miracles in your life?

Specifically the ones that relate to your writing career?

I’m not talking about BIG miracles. Like getting a ten book contract with Tyndale without having to submit a synopsis. Although that would be HUGE, it hasn’t happened for me yet.

I’m referring to the happenings that people might suggest as being coincidental. Or just a product of your persistence and hard work. But can easily be recognized as God’s hand moving in your life.

I have a split personality. I’m a planner. When hosting a holiday celebration, I’ll plan the menu, decorations, and invitations for weeks. But I’m also an activator. If there’s something I want done, I’ll dig in and get things moving – and will at times go to great lengths to see something through.

So I can sometimes lose sight of the fact that I don’t have to do it all myself. That I’m not in control. God is. And although I can’t always see it, I need to trust that He’s working on my behalf.

I was reminded of that fact this past week.

I recently began working as a freelance editor. When I became aware that a Christian therapist was looking for someone to edit her book, I contacted her and expressed interest. I explained why the subject of the book was especially intriguing to me. We seemed to hit off and I believed there was a chance she’d want to work with me. After not hearing from her for a week, I followed up with an e-mail. She responded that she’d pretty much decided to hire someone she already knew, but that she would continue to pray about it. I told her I would continue, as well.

After several more weeks went by, I believed she’d hired the other editor. But this week, I received an e-mail stating that during her prayer time, she’d been convinced that before she officially hired the other person, she needed to contact me again. After more conversation, the end result was that she hired me. It feels like a God connection for both of us.

I explain it as a small miracle and God’s hand moving, even though I wasn't aware of what He was accomplishing . . .

Some of you are aware that Annette and I live only ten minutes apart. But we don't attend the same church, our children are at different stages in their lives, and we don’t hang out in the same social circles. We would never have met if we hadn’t found connection through ACFW (The American Christian Fiction Writers).

I cannot begin to explain in a few paragraphs what God has provided through this friendship. I have a critique partner, a cheerleader for my career, a prayer partner, and a friend who understands the same drive I feel to write and grow in my craft. I could not remain as motivated as I am without her.

To me, the fact that we found each other six years ago is a small miracle. A sign that God is looking out for us and will provide what we need – when we need it.

God is also there – behind the scenes – getting things in place for you. Have faith and look for the miracles in your own life.


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  1. I've had a few small miracles lately. This is the first time in my life when I have felt God testing me to be faithful in trusting him to provide for my needs. That doesn't mean sit and do nothing. It means be in prayer, be open to the opportunities he sends, and act on them. Just today I had a need for a certain amount. I'd prayed, found 3 shifts of pick up work last month. The check for 2 of them came, you got it, today. And it was 10 % above the need of the moment. Kind of a funny coincidence? No, I believe it was God saying, "See? You can trust me."


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