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Five Things Writers Forget First – Part 5 – by Angela Breidenbach

Welcome to another Writer’s Journey Wednesday! (Dawn here) Thanks for joining us as Angela Breidenbach completes her fabulous series, “Five Things Writers Forget First.”

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Five Things Writers Forget First
Ways to write better, faster, and stronger

Part 5
Confident Writer

After years of trying, I hadn’t achieved anything. I had to get educated. But at my age? I’d been raising kids and working to feed them while other women went to college and blossomed into their true calling. My calling felt foreign and unknown after ignoring it for so long.

I made the decision to go to a writer’s meeting. At the door, my resolve almost melted. I didn’t want to be embarrassed among people who knew the craft when I knew nothing. Desire overcame fear when I asked myself, “Would I be happy to die never trying?” I pictured myself in old age, looking back, eyes wrenched with regret. The fear of failure lessened in the face of the regret. The goal outweighed the fear.

I needed a holistic view of my career as a part of my future. I slammed right into failure. I couldn’t do a thing because the project I’d set for myself was humongous. I saw only the mass and not the pieces. Ocean liners change direction one degree at a time. Why did I think I needed to flip from one thing to the next without preparation and patience?

The words holistic life hit me full force. I can’t separate who I am from my family, friends, job, etc. without losing part of me. POP! The fireworks blazed. I had to stop making it just about the schedule and be about creating a fulfilled lifestyle. This fulfillment had to incorporate real life to be sustainable. I learned about my likes, dislikes, sleep cycles, and biorhythms for optimum productivity.

In business, problems get solved when you work the chain of command backwards. If a disaster occurs, start at the disaster and trace back through to where the problem began. Holes in communication or the breakdown in the procedures are more visible. It’s a great practice for goal setting too as both the big overview and the small details appear.

Work from the farthest date and note deadlines in reverse to create steady and consistent schedule with each goal. The final weekly planning calendar has something toward every goal and review of a month-at-a-glance daily assures it happens. Remember we’re working on a holistic, fulfilled life. Confidence is not natural. It’s built one degree at a time. Every small success is a leap into confidence.

Five things to take away from this article:

1. Be willing to change.
2. Change must be a holistic or failure boom-a-rangs back to the old ways.
3. Change one degree (thing) at a time for long term success.
4. Be consistent by breaking down goals into small steps and regularly scheduling them.
5. Talk publicly about plans and goals. People asking about progress creates accountability.

How will you put consistency into your goals and dreams?
How will consistency create confidence for you?

Angela Breidenbach is Mrs. Montana International 2009, author of Creative Cooking for Colitis, works with Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries, the American Heart Association, and the Jadyn Fred Foundation. Angela also teaches online classes and coaches one-on-one in courageous confidence, personal growth, and powerful living. She’s certified in mentor/peer counseling as a Stephen Minister and Assisting Minister. She serves as the American Christian Fiction Writer's Publicity Officer (2009-2011) and is a multi-award winning inspirational speaker and author. Not only did she walk the hard line of deciding to donate her mom's brain, but she is also on the brain donation list at the Brain Bank-Harvard McLean Hospital. She is married, has a combined family of six grown children, one grandson.

Angela’s cookbook, Creative Cooking for Colitis, is being released Easter weekend as an e-cookbook. You have a chance to win a free copy by visiting her new blog, http://colitiscooking.blogspot.com/

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