Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Waiting Room Blues by Jennifer Hallmark

Who loves waiting rooms? Not me. One of my Mother’s doctor's, who will remain nameless, lobby area is always overflowing with people almost stacked on top of each other. Our last visit proved to be no different.

As I sat with Mom, anticipating when her name would be called, I put together a nifty analogy between this particular waiting room and the writing world.

You see it coming, don’t you?

(1) They are both super crowded. This room has narrow chairs, shoved as close as can be, wall-to-wall with little aisle space. The writing world, whether traditional or indie, is also filled with people trying to leave the “waiting” room of the undiscovered and into the office of an agent, publisher, or better sales.

(2) All types of people wait here. All around me sit people of different genders, races, income brackets, and ages. But no matter how unique each person, they have the same goal: better health. In writing, many of us share the same goal: publication. Getting our story out. Race, gender, age, and other considerations really don’t matter in the writing world either.

(3) We all wait a loooong time. It doesn’t seem to matter if we arrive an hour early or five minutes before the scheduled appointment. We still have to linger in limbo. Writers wait. The traditional road tends to be long. It was eleven years from my first writing class before I signed my first contract for a full-length novel. Then another year and a half before publication. The Indie road involves time also while you write your book, go through the time-consuming process of uploading the finished work, choosing a cover, marketing, etc. An Indie author should also give themselves time to build their skills and readership.

(4) You can get called back to give blood or fill out paperwork, then sent back to the waiting room. When you hear your name, you might think you’ve made it then discover it’s only the first step. When I signed my first contract for a short story, I performed a Snoopy dance. It was like being called back. Then came edits, bios, a headshot, and then weeks before the magazine was released. Writing of any kind takes time.

(5) You finally see the doctor. Oh, joy! Mom’s name was finally called and I knew we’d be heading home soon. And with perseverance, you’ll reach your writing goals. Take it from me. Use your time wisely. Find something productive to do. Write blog posts, study the craft, and build your social media presence. You won’t regret it. And maybe the time will seem to pass a little faster. Or maybe you’ll get a lot done. And that never hurts.

Mom finally emerged from the office. I gathered my purse and notebook, made my way past all the people still waiting, and walked into the glorious outdoors. I’d made it through another session of the waiting room. Hopefully, I’ll remember this the next time the writing world seems to be moving at a sloth’s pace. And maybe you will too.

In writing, many of us share the same goal: publication. via @JenHwrites #SeriouslyWrite #writingencouragement


Jessie’s Hope

Years ago, an accident robbed Jessie Smith’s mobility. It also stole her mom and alienated her
from her father. When Jessie's high school sweetheart Matt Jansen proposes, her parents’ absence intensifies her worry that she cannot hold on to those she loves.

With a wedding fast approaching, Jessie's grandfather Homer Smith, has a goal to find the perfect dress for "his Jessie," one that would allow her to forget, even if for a moment, the boundaries of her wheelchair. But financial setbacks and unexpected sabotage hinder his plans.

Determined to heal from her past, Jessie initiates a search for her father. Can a sliver of hope lead to everlasting love when additional obstacles--including a spurned woman and unpredictable weather--highjack Jessie's dream wedding?

Jennifer Hallmark writes Southern fiction and has published 200+ internet articles and interviews, short stories in several magazines, and has co-authored three book compilations. Her debut novel, Jessie’s Hope, released on June 17th, 2019.

When she isn’t babysitting or gardening, you can find her at her desk writing fiction or working on her two blogs. She also loves reading detective fiction from the Golden Age and viewing movies like LOTR or Star Wars. Sometimes you can even catch her watching American Ninja Warrior.

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