Friday, October 12, 2018

Getting Back to the Heart by Abbey Downey

Abbey Downey
Writing is hard work—sometimes to the point that we may become weary from all that is required. Need a little encouragement to not give up? Author Abbey Downey (aka Mollie Campbell) reminds us where we need to turn. ~ Dawn

Getting Back to the Heart

What first inspired you to write?

I’ve always processed life through words. I spent hours as a child writing in diaries, but I don’t remember what inspired the fiction stories I later found scrawled in notebooks.

However, I do remember several moments when I was inspired to try my hand at fiction as an adult. That was often my go-to fantasy when a plot twist would hit my life and force a change in my career path. What if I could write books, instead?

The moment I decided to take it seriously came after one such turn in my path. My part-time job babysitting in our home was coming to an end. My kids were babies, and while I loved being at home with them, it had been nice to have something else to focus my mind on at the same time. What if I could write books?

I’ll never forget when the inspiration for my first story hit me. It was a rare evening when I was out on an errand alone, driving home and thinking about what I would write if I could. And the whole idea clicked into place. Characters, setting, the start of a plot. But I didn’t know anything about writing fiction.

It didn’t matter. For the first time, I knew God had given me a story that needed to be shared. He’d given me a story of hope. And for me, that’s what writing always comes back to, sharing the hope we find in God.

After several years of writing, two books published, and more than that rejected, it’s easy to wallow in how hard the writing life can be. Building social media platforms, creating blog posts and newsletters, constantly trying to come up with the next great idea. A writer can get mired down in all the extra stuff.

But every time I drive past the corner where my first inspiration hit, I remind myself of the heart of my writing. God has given us a passion to write and His message is what drives our stories. They’re important because each one points others to God’s forgiveness and love.

If you’re frustrated by the slow world of publishing or the more tedious aspects of being an author, try getting back to the heart of your writing. Find what God is speaking through you. That could be what’s needed to rekindle the spark of excitement.

If you want to share in the comments, I’d love to hear about the inspiration for your writing!

Orphan Train Sweetheart

Finding a Frontier Family

Spring Hill is the orphan train’s last stop—a final chance for Simon McKay to find homes for his young charges. When his fellow placing agent quits, Simon enlists help from the frontier town’s pretty schoolteacher. Cecilia Holbrook is as intriguing as she is independent, yet Simon’s devotion to his mission will soon call him back to New York.

Long overshadowed by her flirtatious sister, Cecilia is done with waiting for a man to choose her. She’s already fighting the school board to keep her position. Now she’s struggling not to lose her heart to Simon. Could their shared concern for the children show them how to follow a new dream, together?

Abbey Downey never expected her love for writing to turn into a career, but she’s thankful for the chance to write inspirational romance, with two books published under the name Mollie Campbell. A life-long Midwestern girl, Abbey lives in Central Indiana, where her family has roots back to the 1840s. She couldn’t be happier spending her days putting words on paper and hanging out with her husband, two kids, and a rather enthusiastic beagle.

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