Friday, July 20, 2018

Turning Life into Comedy by Janetta Fudge Messmer

Janetta Fudge Messmer

Think of all the excuses we come up with for not writing. For instance ... there’s not enough time, we keep getting interrupted, or we don’t have the right space. But author Janetta Fudge Messmer’s experience is a testimony to the fact that if we really want to write, we’ll find a way. ~ Dawn

Turning Life into Comedy

My tagline for my books is: Turning Life into Comedy. If truth be told, humor follows me (and my hubby) around. As full-time RVers, and me writing and getting published while on the road, life is always interesting. Reason being—I have to find time to write and still see the sites around the area we’re camping in.

I struggle with the balance of the two. Most mornings, sightseeing calls my sanguine soul. But my brain—with the Lord’s prompting tells me, “Janetta, you have to finish the scene (or book) before the turn of the next century.”

Thankfully, I listened to the right Voice and completed Early Birds in 2016. The other three books in the series followed (Southbound Birds, Girly Birds, and Blessings Birds). They’re Christian Comedies with a splash of Romance, published with Winged Publications (Forget Me Not Romances).

And they all happened while traveling in our RV. The schedule I find that works for me is writing in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, we go see the sights. On travels days, you might find me buckled into our banquette, writing or editing. Yes, I can write while Ray drives. I’ve learned to take advantage of those times and get work done.

Oh, if you’re wondering how I came up with the idea for the series—my hubby and I tease that the idea for Early Birds came from our pooch, Maggie. She ‘told’ us to quit our jobs, sell everything, buy an RV and get on the road. Which we did. And we love our tiny-space living. It’s cramped at times, but we’ve made it all work.

There’s another perk of our RV adventure and it’s helped my writing too. When I’m out and about, I listen to people. They never cease to amaze me. The best one yet was a one-side phone conversation we overheard about the other person’s itch. J My suggestion: Next time you venture out, bring a notepad and listen to those around you. They’ll give you plenty to write about.

In conclusion, I guess what I’m saying is writing can be done…whatever your circumstance. Don’t get discouraged if you have limited time or space. Keep putting the words down. Whether you’re doing it on your lunch hour, or at midnight on your closet floor. The words the Lord has given you need written. 

Take it from me—you can do this. Remember, I’m writing mine in an RV. J

And, ONE MORE THING. Now until the end of the month, the e-books of Early Birds, Southbound Birds, and Girly Birds are available for .99 cents each on Amazon at:  SUCH A DEAL!!!

Before the Early Birds leave Florida, on their trek up the East Coast, Rose Wilford shares another idea with her friends on how to help humanity. They love it, but the concept needs a little fine tuning. One things for sure, they’re not letting Rosie out of their sight the rest of the trip. If they do, she’s liable to alert more than the media. Buckle up for a mixture of merriment and mayhem from the Early Birds.

Janetta Fudge Messmer is an inspirational author, speaker and editor. Her Early Birds series (Early Birds, Southbound Birds, Girly Birds and Blessing Birds) is sure to make you chuckle and want to hit the road in your own RV. Janetta, her hubby (Ray), and their pooch (Maggie) are full-time RVers. Writing and traveling go hand in hand as they see the USA in their twenty-five-foot Minnie Winnie.

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