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Trust and Obey by Cheryl Hollar

Cheryl Hollar
The hymn, Trust and Obey, has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Recently, I started thinking about the meaning of the lyrics behind the song,

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”
There’s no other way to be happy – but to trust, to obey. Think about it. That signifies complete dependence upon God. No other way. It’s like dangling from a cliff without a rope, trusting what you can’t see. That’s a hard thing to do. Yet, it is exactly what God is asking of each of us. I’ve always known what I wanted to do – write! It’s my passion! It’s also a gift - a very humbling gift. Words are powerful. They can hurt; they can heal. They can destroy; they can encourage. We all have different gifts and different callings. And I believe God holds us accountable for what we do with those gifts.

A Step Back
I most regrettably confess that I haven’t always been obedient to my call to write. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just let the world slip in. And I can only blame myself. In college, I naively allowed someone to talk me into accepting a teaching scholarship to replace college grants I already had. Though the costs of my education were still paid, I was obligated to teach in the particular state’s public school system for one year. To a 17-year-old, that didn’t sound bad. Teach for the year and go back to what you really love.  In reality, it was a disaster.

A Dream Fulfilled
Unfortunately, that lapse in judgment – or rather, in obedience - set my life’s path. It hurt. I struggled for years to gain a footing somewhere in the writing industry. And even though I did write an article or two here and there for local publications or whatever opportunities happened to come along, I still remained unfulfilled. Then, God cracked a window for me, opening the way for me to work in public relations in New York. For the next couple of years, I learned, worked and soon had a strong foundation in the writing world.  But I wanted more.

Coming Home
Back in North Carolina, my writing took a severe downward spiral as I settled into virtually meaningless work that simply paid my bills. The light in my heart had dimmed toward writing, but it had not gone completely out. In desperation, I asked God to give me a dream. Then I learned about a program called Act One, Writing for Hollywood – where Hollywood is a mission field. Here was a program to which I could enthusiastically relate. You see, I’ve also always had a love for the entertainment industry – singing and acting on the small screen as well as the large – not for myself but behind the scenes. This was new and fascinating to me. Who would have thought a “writer” could work behind the scenes in film and television? I know many of you have known this for years, but it was a light-bulb ah-hah moment for me.

A Dream Fulfilled
My world took on new meaning. Christian writers can influence others through the entertainment medium. God has allowed Christians to infiltrate Hollywood and influence television and film for Christ. It blows my mind how God CAN and DOES do ANYTHING. The mission field for Christ in the entertainment industry is wide open.

And More...
Then, God did something else. He graciously opened the door for me to have my book published by Tomahawk Press. It’s awesome to me that God allowed a simple ordinary person like me to have the chance to research and write on a topic that I like while, at the same time, use it humbly to point the way to Christ. I humbly thank God for this opportunity and hope the book will, in some small way, be a catalyst for someone to inquire about Christ  not by any skill I might dare to have  but by the wondrous and awesome Grace of God. 

If God taps you on the shoulder, don’t delay and procrastinate like I did. Don’t try to figure it all out. Just follow Him, no matter what.

About the Author

A contributing writer at mytakeontv.comCheryl Hollar is a freelance writer for the entertainment industry and covers everything from the Television Critics Association press events to red-carpet events, set visits and celebrity charities. Her work includes coverage of Mark Harmon’s Annual Charity Baseball event helping the children of Oklahoma as well as a series of pieces on the impact television has on changing people’s lives through organ donation. Cheryl has also been commissioned to write pieces for an L.A. group of family magazines, including specialneeds.com and familychoiceawards.com.  

No stranger to the industry, Cheryl’s worked in public relations for Rogers & Cowan and Bon Jovi Productions (McGhee Entertainment) in New York. She’s also a member of the Christian Women in Media Association, the Hollywood Prayer Network, and the International Twins Association, where she has served as president and vice president with her twin sister at conventions across the United States.  Cheryl loves animals, traveling, writing, and meeting new people.

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