Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Not Knowing by Deb Kastner

We can think we're just writing stories to entertain people, but we have no idea what God has planned for them, do we? Author Deb Kastner shares her encouragement with you. -- Sandy

“I was going through a bad time and your book cheered me up.”

“I was reminded that we should look upon each day as a gift.”

“I had a friend who was in a similar situation as Jessica (The Marine’s Baby) and all I had to do was refer her to the book and thank God she is coping.” (from Nigeria!)

“Thanks for reminding me that not only do I have God’s forgiveness, but that I should forgive myself.”

As authors, we have the blessed unique ability to make people feel and experience things with our stories.

Even change lives.

But is that your main goal when you sit down to the computer?

When I write a book, I always pray that God would use it as He sees fit, because He sees a lot better—and farther—than I can. I know the story I want to write, and a theme eventually shines through (although I’ll admit I don’t always know what it is until the book is finished.) I want to entertain and give my readers joy, and maybe a few happy tears. It’s a story.

But a story is such a magnificent thing, isn’t it? When Jesus wanted His followers to understand what He was trying to communicate, He often used parables, didn’t He?

In the same vein, as Christian writers, we strive to share God’s love through our stories. The exciting part for me is actually in the not knowing. Not knowing where my books will end up (we’re talking countries, sometimes, although I can’t conceive of how they got there.) Not knowing in whose hands my books will land. Not knowing what specific story line—or even one single sentence—might change a reader’s heart or reach out and minister to their needs.

I’m not just talking about traditional or self-publishing either. Maybe God has planned that a critique partner or family member will be moved by what you’ve written. (My dear hubby reads all my books—sshhh!!)

And maybe—just maybe—the one God wants to reach with your writing is you.

You never know…so keep writing!

Have you ever been amazed at how God has used one of your stories?


             ~~Love Courageously~~

Publisher's Weekly Bestselling, award-winning author of 30 novels, Deb Kastner enjoys writing contemporary inspirational western stories set in small communities. She feels especially blessed to be able to include faith as a natural and genuine part of her characters' lives.
Deb lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and a pack of miscreant mutts. She is blessed with three adult daughters and two grandchildren. Her favorite hobby is spoiling her grandchildren, but she also enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music (The Texas Tenors are her fav), singing in the church choir, and exploring the Rocky Mountains on horseback.