Friday, December 9, 2016

The Writer as the Forever Learner by Gigi Devine Murfitt

Gigi  Devine Murfitt

One of the things I love about writing is that I’ll continue to be challenged no matter where I am on my journey.  There will always be more to learn and ways to improve.  Author Gigi Murfitt understands the importance of gleaning knowledge about our craft, and she shares some of the ways she’s been able to do that herself. Enjoy! ~ Dawn

The Writer as the Forever Learner

My desire to write started many moons ago. I've been taking writing classes and attending conferences for more than ten years. I published my first article, A Devine Christmas Thank You, on the front page of a Montana newspaper as an assignment for an online class. Thus, began my publishing journey.

As a forever learner, I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing craft. There are classes available online and at our community colleges. Initially I took classes on location at Cascadia Community College in Bothell, WA. I also studied in the Jerry Jenkins Write for the Soul Apprenticeship Program. Although that program is no longer offered, Jerry offers some great classes on his website.

Education to Go offers a variety of writing related classes for a little over one-hundred dollars. Udemy is another place to find online writing classes. If you watch their sales, you can get some good deals. I snagged a few classes for $5.00 each during their Black Friday sale.

I'd have to say one class changed my life. It was a Writer’s Digest University online class. It involved writing seven-thousand words per week for five weeks.  I critiqued the other students’ assignments and anxiously waited for them to critique mine. It was intense.

At the time, I was drafting my memoir. In this manuscript, I wanted to convey the hope I have found in Christ during many different trials my family faced over the years. The instructor informed me after my first assignment that I made Christianity sound too easy. When she asked me why I kept going back to my volatile college boyfriend, I told her I really didn't know. She advised me to take time to learn why or my story would not help my reader.

After I finish the class, I started on a quest to journal the difficult seasons of my journey. Using the feeling word lists from my counselor, I dug into the emotion and the “why” of many chapters that had formed my story. I'd have to admit this was the most challenging summer of my life as I worked through the emotional baggage I had stuffed to move beyond the pain.

In the process of getting my story out on paper, the true healing began. Since then, I can write more intimately and clearly about the things that have formed me and helped my relationship with Christ. I learned to allow the Lord to help me process the broken places in my soul.

My prayer for you is to lean in and listen as you write. The Lord might have a message about something you have chosen to leave out of your story. I hope you can take some of the writing classes mentioned above.

In future articles, I will share more of my writing as a healing journey and keep you informed of classes I have found helpful.

 (Gigi will be back on January 13!)

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Gigi Devine Murfitt writes and speaks about some of life’s most challenging topics. Raised in a single parent home with nine siblings, and the mother of Gabe, whose story of being born with three inch arms has inspired millions, she has served as coach, encourager, and support to many throughout her life. Sought out by those facing all kinds of hardships, her passion for over forty years has been going deeper with God by journaling to connect the events of her life with the promises of His Word.

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