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When Potential Disaster Struck… by Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson

Most of us have experienced days that feel like for every two steps we take forward, we take three steps back. But what happens when something bigger—and more important—takes us away from our writing goals and responsibilities? How do we handle those situations? Author Linda Robinson shares her personal story. ~ Dawn

When Potential Disaster Struck…

Writing for me can be stimulating, rewarding, and therapeutic. But it’s also humbling. We writers create fictional characters we hope our readers can connect with and care about, so we become totally engrossed in their lives. For a time, they are real people who have the ability to frustrate us, bring forth sorrowful tears, and produce stress-relieving laughter. They may have their share of fun but often have different, or more problems than we do. Some make serious mistakes. Others weather serious storms. One might have faith—and lose faith momentarily, or longer, depending on its depth and the storm’s magnitude.

Recently, my faith was tested, and my writing took a back seat. I wanted to write this blog early, since I had a busy month planned prior to its due date. The first event scheduled was an annual, week-long family reunion in our home. My writing critique partners and I had planned a much-needed, mini vacation with our hubbies—to take place at a beach resort in Florida two weeks after the reunion. I felt good about being organized and having ample time to write the blog and prepare for a Skype television interview scheduled to air the same day.

But my husband Bruce hadn’t been feeling well for a few weeks. The short story version: After two full weeks of doctor visits and two medical procedures that left us without answers, his heart doctor performed a catheterization. While sitting in the hospital for two days with Bruce, writing was far from my mind. All I could do was pray when the nurse called from the cath lab to say the doctor found a major coronary artery blockage and was attempting to stint it. Afterward, all I could do was thank God for bringing my husband through safely, again.

I’d had my share of writing challenges and blockades. When my first novel was in the editing stage of publishing nearly six years ago, Bruce had to have heart bypass surgery after the doctor nicked a blocked artery trying to get a stint in place during a catheterization. A week in the hospital and several weeks of therapy afterward made editing difficult, but many prayers pulled us all through.

I recently read that we should not tell God how big our storm is, but we should tell the storm how big our God is. What an awesome comfort to remember that statement as we meet life’s challenges head-on, whether personally or through our fictional characters.

God gives us our characters and their stories to write, and we pray they’ll touch the heart of someone who might be going through similar trials and give them comfort and hope. My faith is renewed not only by the storms my God and I weather, but by every dark cloud or blizzard my human friends or fictional characters endure. Because I know He is able to handle anything life throws our way.

Have any of you had minor or major challenges that delayed or prevented your writing goals?


(Book Three of Faith & Family Series)

Natalie Hudson soon discovers her new life away from home is nothing like she has always dreamed it would be. The angst and trials of her teen years seem trivial compared to the struggles of adulthood with its many choices, commitments, and consequences. When her secure little world is rocked by unexpected news from her best friend and fianc√©, she fails to understand and refuses to see him to discuss the issue. Will the man Natalie once called the love of her life become her husband and father her children? Or is the term soul mate a fantasy too?  Join veterinarian Doctor Natalie Hudson as she faces the challenges and life-altering events of an adult in a real world rife with stormy clouds and turbulent temptations.

Linda Robinson is the author of five published novels. She writes Christian fictional stories of faith, friendship, and family relationships. She’s a member of her local Writers’ Forum, ACFW, Scribes, and others. In addition to guest-blogging and writing fiction and non-fiction humorous short stories for magazines and contests, the third novel of her Faith and Family series depicting young adult, Natalie Hudson, and her best friend released in September 2015. Find out more about Linda on Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting her web site and reading her blogs at:


  1. Better late than never, eh? My husband had a stroke last June, so I could really relate to your experience,Linda. All of a sudden, all those goals fly out the window. Glad this scare turned out well for your, and it's fun to see how BRIGHT your blue eyes are!

  2. Thank you Gail. I pray your hubby is fully recovered. Mine has one more hurdle...another cath in December to try to stint another artery. Prayers are appreciated.


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