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Waiting for God’s Reason by Shawn Lamb

Shawn Lamb

We don’t often hear about true overnight success in publishing. It seems to take most authors a number of years to see their work in print, which can feel daunting if you’re not prepared to face a possible marathon. Discouraged today? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find encouragement in what author Shawn Lamb shares about her personal journey to publication. ~ Dawn

Waiting for God’s Reason

Writing is something I started around ten years old. I wrote short stories and poems. I also wrote plays that my sister and I would perform for family and friends. Writing was a drive that I couldn’t ignore. 

After I became a Christian at age 14, I realized God gave me the gift of storytelling, but still didn’t know why? I only knew I had to keep writing. It took almost 40 years for God to reveal the reasons.

When my 13 year-old-daughter requested I write her a fantasy story I didn’t know what to do. Historical fiction was my genre. However, God has a way of linking the past with the present. Among my writings from childhood, I discovered the beginnings of a fantasy story. I had the map, all the character names and even a completed first chapter. I joked with my family that I felt like Moses, who waited 40 years before returning to Egypt to fulfill God’s calling. 

From my daughter’s request, and decades old writing, emerged the young adult series Allon. These stories point to God by using Biblical allegory. Shortly after publication, I learned the reasons went beyond a request. God wanted me to fill a surprising void: the need for clean reads aimed at teens and kids. This is not something I expected based upon my experiences as a young, avid reader. Back then books were safe. Things are much different today, not just in reading, but also in life.

With instant messaging, constant contact and immediate gratification, Christians often become impatient.  We start a ministry and expect it to take off within the first year. We want God to bless us with quick success, and are easily discouraged when it doesn’t happen. I experienced this with my first book. God reminded me that such expectation is opposite of what Scripture says.

Psalms 1:3 - He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields fruit in its season.

Catch the last phrase fruit in its season. It can take up to 3 years for a fruit tree to bear fruit. The same is true of grape vines. It takes careful pruning and diligence of the vinedresser and husbandman to make the vine/trees fruitful. God has a purpose and time for everything. Our task is to be obedient and not rush ahead of Him.

I realize it’s hard to wait. Praying for patience is exactly what you’ll get—patience! I’ve learned in my 55 years of life, that it is better to wait for God’s plan then to push on with my own ideas.

Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans for welfare and not for evil and your future and a hope.

The Kingdom of Allon was once an idyllic paradise, protected by the mighty immortal Guardians of Jor’el. Legend tells of a Great Battle and defeat, leaving the mortals defenseless against the Dark way.  The fulfillment of ancient prophecies brings hope of Jo’rel’s promise prince, and the return of the Guardians.


Shawn Lamb is an award-winning author and former Hollywood screenwriter for children’s television. Her books range in age from 8 years old to adults, and feature fiction along with non-fiction study guides. Shawn is also an event speaker and workshop leader.

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