Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beauty in the Restoration by Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan
Last summer I bought a highboy dresser at a yard sale for $8. This lovely piece of furniture had been painted black, but the previous owner had started to sand off the paint to stain it. Since it sat in her garage for several years without being refinished, she decided she didn’t have the time to do it, so she sold it. Someone else may have dismissed the dresser as junk, but I was drawn to the elegant curves and solid frame. I envisioned the beauty in the restoration.  

When I introduced Agnes in Lakeside Family, I didn’t expect to tell her story. In fact, she was meant to be Josie’s Voice of Truth and add an element of humor to an otherwise serious plot. But, as I got to know Agnes more, I realized her sass and Texas charm were covers for the pain that she harbored from her past.

In Lakeside Sweethearts, Agnes shows how past experiences have made her feel like she was a throwaway—someone who had no value. However, her best friend Ian knows the true Agnes and helps her to realize how God can make everything beautiful in His time.

So maybe that’s why she scours yard sales and thrift stores to find the perfect pieces of furniture to restore and to give forgotten pieces value again.

I believe many of us are a lot like Agnes. We’ve allowed past hurts and experiences to scar self-esteems, chipping away at us until we feel forgotten or maybe even discarded like furniture at a yard sale to be glanced at, then dismissed.

Thankfully, God loves us in spite of our deep wounds and scars. He picks us up, dusts us off, and very gently begins a process of restoration to find the beauty beneath the surface. His unconditional love and grace can restore those broken pieces of our lives into something beautiful and of great value. With any refining process, pain is involved, but God’s gentle touch will bring healing as He refines us to bring out the beauty in the restoration.

About the Author

Lakeside Sweethearts
by Lisa Jordan
Married twenty-five years to her own real-life hero, award winning author Lisa Jordan knows a thing or two about romance.  She and her husband have two sons. By day, Lisa is an early childhood educator. By night, she writes contemporary Christian romance for Love Inspired. She is the Voices Forum Coordinator for My Book Therapy, and she is represented by Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary Management. In her free time, she loves good books, romantic comedies, crafting with friends, and feeding her NCIS addiction. Visit her at www.lisajordanbooks.com.


  1. Beautiful post, Lisa. I have a similar theme in my debut romance - unworthiness being restored by God's unconditional love.

    I have your book on my TBR pile. :)


    1. Thank you, Sue! It's a timely theme because so many struggle with not being worthy. We aren't worthy, but He is merciful and mighty!

  2. Lisa - reading your bio at the end of your post makes me want to sit down and chat with you. We like many of the same things.

    Thanks for the great post. I'm not good at restoring old furniture, but I'm so thankful I serve a God who restores souls.

  3. Terri, thank you for your sweet words. I love talking romance, good books, romantic comedies, crafting and anything Gibbs related. :)

    I'm so glad we serve a God who restores souls, too. Otherwise our existence would be pretty pointless.

  4. I agree with Angie's Facebook intro to this post:

    "His unconditional love and grace can restore those broken pieces of our lives ..." -- sweet words of comfort from one of the sweetest voices in Christian fiction, Lisa Jordan, Author.

    Lisa does have one of the sweetest voices in Christian fiction! Loved Agnes and Lakeside Sweethearts.

    1. Thanks so much, Roxanne! I'm so glad you enjoyed Agnes's story. :)


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