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Differences in Marketing: Three Types of Publications By Carrie Fancett Pagels

As I prepare for the release of my first novella, marketing is on my mind. So guess what today's post by Author Carrie Fancett Pagels is all about. I'm sure you'll find something you can use in your own efforts. -- Sandy

Carrie: In this article I seek to point out the differences in the types of marketing required between three books I was published in last year.

“Full On” Marketing: My novella, Return to Shirley Plantation: A Civil War Romance, was published by a small press last year. Because this was my fiction debut and because this was my only “solo” effort published last year, the novella received the most promotion.

What I did:

  • Website redesigned. 
  • Set up blog tours with over thirty authors who I knew through my blogging connections.  The blogging community was very gracious to me in posting reviews, which was a blessing. My own group blog “Overcoming With God” set up a big party for me and we had lots of giveaways. My Colonial Quills group blog had an online Tea Party (these are normally well attended.) We also linked a Facebook promotion with it.  My friend Julie Lessman gave me a spot on Seekerville to promote the book. The novella was mentioned on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog.
  • Interviewed on the radio.  I also was on BlogTalk radio chatting with the Editor for the series.
  • I was writing for The Book Club Network (TBCN) at the time and I purchased a media package which gave me, my critique partner, and the lead author advertisement (a full page ad) and I also was allowed a session to promote my book to the TBCN readers. Many reviewed my novella on Amazon and other media outlets, for which I am grateful. 
  • Participated in the publisher’s Facebook events.
  • With the backing of Shirley Plantation, I did an author tour along with the historian, Julian Charity, who had consulted with me on the book. This was an author’s dream—showing people my story world setting and getting to discuss my characters.  We also had a luncheon and writer’s meeting immediately after the tour.
  • Book signing at Shirley Plantation at Christmastime. 

Concentrated Push: In November, my short story “Snowed In: A Northwoods Christmas” was published in Guideposts Books two book collection, A Cup of Christmas Cheer. I was to discover that with the huge backing that Guideposts Books had, marketing by the authors was not truly necessary. We were under no compunction to promote.

  • I set up a private Facebook Page for the authors who contributed.
  • We did a blog hop for six of the authors. I was also invited by several blogger friends to come on their blogs to promote the books.
  • Postcards with the book covers on them were ordered and a half dozen of us signed the cards and mailed them around so some of our readers could receive the cards to use like a book plate.
  • Book signing in my neighborhood in Virginia.  I’ll be doing a book signing in July, in Michigan, at the Tahquamenon Logging Museum, which has my great-grandparents’ log cabin, which is where my story is set.

Wait and See: I was also a contributor to a nonfiction book that my friend Cynthia Howerter co-authored with LaTan Murphy. God's Provision in Tough Times, Lighthouse of the Carolinas  July 2013. Cynthia participated in a book signing at Shirley Plantation. It was promoted on blogs. Since I was a contributor and not a co-author, this is a case where one should follow the lead of others. This powerful book is a Selah finalist.

Have you experienced different marketing processes? What is something unusual you've heard of when it comes to book marketing?


Carrie Fancett Pagels ( is a Christian historical romance author whose tagline is “Hearts Overcoming Through Time.” Carrie served as a psychologist for twenty-five years. She has two popular group blogs: Overcoming With God and Colonial Quills. Carrie is the former ACFW Zone Mid-Atlantic Zone Director and Virginia/West Virginia Area Coordinator and continues to serve as co-hostess of the Tidewater Area Christian Writers group. 



  1. Wow, you've been busy! How awesome that you were able to do the author tour at the Shirley Plantation! What great ideas here, Carrie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carrie, great ideas and wow, you were one busy lady.

  3. Both Overcoming with God ( and Colonial Quills ( are a great mix of marketing and ministry, Carrie. Love all the contributors to both blogs!

    I've also seen a trend toward focus groups -- enlisting a group of readers to help with the marketing through organized tweets, pins and posts. That seems to help, although it is a lot of work.

    Thanks so much for the lists, Carrie. This is a great help!

  4. TY! Dora, That was so much fun--a real dream come true. But when I came home I learned my sister had suffered a severe stroke. That was satan at work. But PTL she has made an amazing recovery and is doing well now.

  5. Haha, Terri--those were only the ones that were published in books. At one point I figured out I'd completed 193,000 polished words on several stories during that year! But part of that was because I wasn't able to hardly walk. I've had foot surgery now and I'm hoping to be walking much better soon!

  6. Thanks, Angie! I love all of them, too!

    Rarely is anything I've done considered "organized" lol--but I have had wonderful Beta readers. Also, Cynthia and LaTan did set up a focus group for God's Provision in Tough Times. So that is kind of what I meant by I followed their lead for promotion on that book. Blessings!

  7. Thanks for sharing your insight and experience, Carrie!:)

    1. You are welcome, Karen, and I hope it was helpful! Blessings!

  8. Wonderful post, Carrie. thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions. How awesome you got such great support from Guideposts.That book-signing at Christmastime must have been a real thrill. Congratulations on your success!

    1. Thank you, Tanya! Yes, Guideposts has a lot of their own professional oomph and brand name behind them! And yes, the Christmas book signing with two of my friends, at Shirley Plantation was fun but it also was the worst day of the year for weather!

  9. I'd have to say one of the best things I did to market my novella was to do a week at Carrie's blog, Overcoming With God. What love and community there. Sales bump, too. Thanks, Carrie!!! God Bless you in all your marketing efforts.

    1. Connie, we were delighted to have you on the OWG blog. They are such angels, too, to review with! Glad you got a nice sales bump. I got that yesterday when our local paper, The Daily Press, had a review of my novella in there! For the first time in months I was back on the Best Selling ebooks for Civil War! PTL and that for a book about obedience to God!


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