Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writer's Wisdom Wednesdays

I’m sure you’ve heard or read about the popularity of choosing one word to describe a person’s hopes for the coming year. I did that for the first time and chose possible—“With God all things are possible.” I’ve already seen a few of those “possible things” in my 2013. Having the opportunity to join the Seriously Write team is one of them.

We’re dubbing this day of the week Writer’s Wisdom Wednesdays. Um…no, the wise writer is not me—too much pressure. Though I may throw in an occasional tidbit of experience, my plan is to present you with advice from other writers…some multi-published and some, like me, still looking for that first contract. I’ll ask our colleagues specific questions aimed at some aspect of the writing process so they can share their skills in the area. The first Wednesday of each month will be dedicated to research, the second marketing, the third creativity, and the fourth organization and business.

The goal is to learn something useful from those who have been through the experience or have a special ability. For example, on February 13, a marketing day, Nicole Miller will talk about boards and pins on Pinterest. Nicole is one of my critique partners and my go-to girl when I have crazy questions about my blog, Facebook, etc. She’s ready, willing and able (as well as patient) to answer my queries.

Okay, since this is, technically, a research day, I'll start off by asking you this question. What do you find most difficult about the process of research when it comes to your book?

For me, it's worrying over whether or not my research is complete. Did I find the right information? For instance, in my current WIP, my hero is trying to set up a newspaper office in 1885. I searched for days for just the right press for that man and his economic circumstances, finally settling on a Washington Hand Press. Was it the best choice for him? Based on my research, I think so. Ah, but
that nasty little word niggles its way into my worry box...think

What about research niggles its way into your worry box? 

Do you have a topic you would like to see covered in the future? Is there something you need help with such as cramming all you have to do into one twenty-four hour period? (Raising my hand here!)  Whatever it is, let's share ideas each Wednesday.