Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Goose is Cooked. Or is It? by S. Dionne Moore

Not only do authors take different paths and make a variety of stops along their journey to publication, so do stories. Some books are taken down detours, but still find their way into the hands of readers. Author S. Dionne Moore (Sandra Moore) shares how she resolved a dilemma with one of her mystery novels—the final in a series—when a line was discontinued before the book’s publication. ~ Dawn

Your Goose is Cooked. Or is It?
By S. Dionne Moore

LaTisha is back in the third and final book that details her sassy tongue and tender heart. This is the book that almost didn't happen. When Barbour Publishing discontinued the mystery line, Your Goose is Cooked was known as Recipe for Deceit, but the end of the mystery line was announced before its release date. What's a writer to do?

LaTisha wanted so much to have this story told. Everyone wanted to know what happened to Mayor Taser and his—uh, loving wife after his appearance in Murder on the Ol' Bunions. I never thought I would release these as e-books, but Barbour reverted rights to the story and the authors put our heads together. So this is the story that almost wasn't. I'm so thrilled to finally allow LaTisha's fans to get a glimpse into her life with Hardy as they get ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary, buy and run Maple Gap's restaurant, Your Goose is Cooked, and solve the mystery of the hired gun who turns up dead during the mayoral election.

For every story there is always a need for an audience. E-books are hot and becoming hotter. Though the price wars wage on and many authors hesitate to stick their toes in the waters that is e-publishing, there are also success stories. The main concerns for e-books of any type and at any price range, are that they are well written and well edited, the latter being a common mistake of new authors.

You cannot put out a book that is not edited and expect to maintain the integrity of the work. Getting a freelance editor to work on your story is an expense, yes, but it is one that is well worth the cost. One of my friends has asked not one or two, but over a dozen people to read and critique the work in order to avoid errors of spelling, grammar, plot and pacing. That's better than nothing, and the feeling is that most people can catch grammar and spelling errors. But it really takes a professional to catch your story’s plot and pacing issues and suggest solid fixes that take your work to the next level.

What do I recommend when looking for a freelance editor? Ask around for suggestions of professionals who have edited within your genre, then ask them questions and pay close attention to their experience. When you are in the middle of having your manuscript edited, it is not the time to decide you don't like the editor's feedback. Do your homework ahead of time, then sit back and watch your story get shined to a high gloss!

Kudos to Jamie Chavez for editing Your Goose is Cooked.

S. Dionne Moore is an award winning, multi-published author of the LaTisha Barnhart Mystery series as well as six historical romances, three of which are published in the single title, Promise Brides. Born and raised in Manassas, Virginia, Moore moved to Greencastle, PA in 1993, then to Mercersburg in 2009. Moore enjoys life in the historically rich Cumberland Valley where traffic jams are a thing of the past and there are only two stoplights in the whole town. 

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  1. I'm so thrilled that LaTisha and Hardy's new story found a home. Right now it's on my kindle. Now if I can get some time to read I'll be happy.

  2. You are sure welcome, Jamie. I appreciated the way we clicked and all your suggestions to make the ms stronger. And, Frances, you are a dear. I sure hope you enjoy this last book in the series for LaT & Hardy as they celebrate their 40th anniversary!

  3. I can't wait to read this, Sandra. I LOVED LaTisha in the other two books and I'm thrilled you've put it out. BTW, I really like your new photo! Although my favorite still features you, GIna and me as Hear, Speak, and See no evil. LOL

  4. I'll have to put this book on my wish list. Glad you found a way to get it published.


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