Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Journey to Joy by Joy Avery Melville

Sometimes it's so easy to forget the most powerful resource that we as Christian writers have -- the power of prayer. The following is an account of the wonderful way the Lord provided a way for writer Joy Avery Melville to attend the 2011 ACFW Conference. ~ Angie

One of the most memorable journeys to joy I've experienced was being able to attend the ACFW Conference in St. Louis, MO in September 2011. It all began January 2011 when I started collecting pocket change from my hubby each evening. It wasn’t long before I started saving all the single one-dollar bills that I received in change, and later began raiding my dear hubby’s wallet for the same – with his permission, of course.

By May, I realized I was not going to meet my goal and that, as a new member, I was ineligible for the ACFW scholarship. I felt selfish going to the ACFW Prayer Loop with request for conference fees, so I decided to let it slide and pray on my own. Then in late May, we received a huge financial blow.

I knew I couldn't meet this on my own so I chose fourteen of my most trusted ACFW “pray-ers” and sent off an urgent request. One of those fourteen went behind my computer monitor and began a donation campaign. It wasn’t long before I received a check that amounted to within one penny of what we needed to take care of the immediate financial blow.

But, my prayer warrior wasn’t done. Later, she told me that someone from ACFW had chosen to donate my conference fees. Still later I received another check from my prayer group that paid for the hotel room. Conference fees and room -- done.

I was so happy, but I’d lost some weight and needed new clothes. Rather than bother the group, I prayed secretly for help. Just like that, I got an email asking me for my sizes and measurements. Soon, I received a box filled with beautiful outfits I needed for the conference. Every article of clothing was in a color and style I’d have chosen if I’d shopped for myself. Clothing -- check.

By late July, I was still didn’t have airfare, so I prayed for God’s intervention again. That week, my physical therapist asked about my writing and I told her about the conference. Two weeks passed and she asked if I’d be willing to split gas costs with her and her sister to go to St. Louis and back. Travel plans -- done.

Fifteen people prayed. One person put fingers to keyboard, another followed God’s gentle nudging while someone else asked a simple question and in a few short months I found myself in St Louis at the ACFW 2011 Conference.

God saw the immovable mountains standing in my way. Swollen uncrossable rivers messed with my route, yet He heard those precious prayers of His people. He moved those mountains, piggybacked me across the rivers and blessed my socks off at the conference with a spiritual connection unlike anything I’ve experienced this side of my salvation.

What mountains has God moved in your life?

Joy Avery Melville  live in Schoolcraft, MI with the dear man of her childhood dreams. They have two adult children, both married, and between them have seven grandchildren.

She is a writer of Christian Fiction with a touch of romance. She believes God has called her to write that which will further His Kingdom and glorify Him.

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  1. Joy, thanks for sharing your testimony to the power of prayer and how God honored your faithfulness in such a tangible way. :-D

    1. Dawn;
      You're welcome. The trip to St Louis began on my knees and I do not regret one minute of time I spent in prayer for that particular conference. I certainly learned more than writing techniques last September. ';D

  2. I know God speaks in unusual ways, but his results are always for his glory. My "mountain" is dealing with chronic pain, but the only place I'm comfortable is in my chair -- which is where I happen to write. :)

    1. Angie;
      I wonder if you and I would procrastinate when it comes to getting our words on the computer if we weren't forced to that ONE comfortable place our chronic pain can tolerate...

    2. You know, I'm sure we would. :) Thanks, dear friend!

  3. Replies
    1. Tracy;
      God has answered more prayers in the last two years than I can document - shame on me for NOT doing just that. ;)
      I wonder how many MORE He'd be answering if I spent MORE time communicating with Him. Too often I take Him for granted in my life. Thanks for commenting!

  4. What a blessing to read how God answered prayers:)


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