Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strength in Adversity is Necessary for Life and Writing by Pam Meyers

Angie, here. I'm so pleased to introduce a writing friend of mine, Pam Meyers. Raised in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Pam spent time in a variety of places in her early adult life such as New York City and Los Angeles, California. After she returned to her Midwestern roots, God got a hold of her heart and she never looked back. She has a degree from Trinity International University and is involved in deaf ministry, singles ministry and as a small group leader in her church. In addition, she currently leads a women’s Bible study group and serves in a cross-cultural ministry to the Japanese.

A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Pam served on the Board from 2005 – 2009. She also supports her fellow ACFW members by promoting new releases each month and writing reviews. You can keep up with Pam on Twitter and FaceBook. The following is reposted with permission from her blog, “A Writer’s Journey.”

I'm reading a chapter a day in Deuteronomy since that is the book of the Bible my pastor is preaching from right now. Today, it wasn't the scripture that contained a take-away for me, but the study note in my John MacArthur NASB Study Bible regarding Deut. 13:3 that says God was testing the Israelites to see how much they did love Him in the face of temptation. The study note states: "...while temptation was dangerous, the overcoming of that temptation would strengthen the people in their love for God and obedience to His commandments."

Temptations can be strength-builders when we overcome. I pondered this, but the lesson didn't hit full-force until I went to the gym and decided to increase the weights on some of the machines I use. The increase was only five pounds, but it made a huge difference in how easily I was able to do the reps. What had become fairly easy was suddenly more difficult. Yet I pushed on, straining at times, and accomplished my goals. Why? Because it's been proven that without increasing the resistance, my muscles will never strengthen. They need that extra weight in order to become stronger.

That got me thinking about adversity and trials beyond the temptations that I face every day. They provide increased weight to my inner soul, strengthening it like a muscle when I don't give up and stop resisting the temptation to climb on my pity pot. The harder I work at resisting and rising above the disappointments, the setbacks, the trials of life, the more I will depend on God to get me through. And the more my love for Him will increase as I realize He gives me EVERTHING I need for life.

How does that translate to my writing journey? Every rejection I receive (and there have been dozens over the years), every hard crit that points out flaws in my story, every time someone points out a typo that slipped past me before I posted my blog, or every bad interview I have at an editor appointment (and there have been very few), those times can benefit my strength and determination the same way increasing the weight on the leg press machine I use, similar to the one like the guy is using in the picture. 

This morning I grimaced like him through most of the exercises, but I am now a bit stronger for having endured. And each disappointing experience I have with my writing will only make me stronger and more determined to grow from the experience, trusting God that He is in charge and is equipping me to better my craft. At the proper time I will reap a harvest if I don't give up. (See Galatians 6:9)

Bring on the weight!

NOTE: Since the original writing of this post, after persevering for nearly a year more, Pamela has been blessed by God with two book contracts. Her debut novel, Thyme for Love, will release in later this year, and Love Finds You in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, her hometown, will release in June of 2012.

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