Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Road to Publication with Dora Hiers

My friend, Dora Hiers is a published author and fellow member of the Carolina Christian Writers, the local chapter of the ACFW. When I heard about her new release, I contacted her about her journey to publication and influencers. Here's how one writer got published:

1. How long have you been writing?

Since my son started middle school and didn’t want me hanging out at school with him anymore. LOL. By then, I’d been a stay-at-home mom about three years and had spent most of my time alternating between two schools. My older son graduated, and my younger son moved to middle school. I knew I needed something more to fill my days. An avid reader, God planted a story idea that pinged around in my head for a few months until I finally confessed my desire to write to my husband. With his enthusiastic support, I started pounding out the story. So, off and on for seven years. More off, though, until the last couple of years.

2. What’s your typical writing day like? (how do you start, how long do you write, what music do you listen to, etc.)

The creative side of my brain functions best in the mornings, so after starting with prayer, I write until lunchtime. I spend afternoons editing, promoting, housecleaning, working in the yard, catching up on personal phone calls, and watching my grandkids. Oh, and the best part ~ lunch with my husband! As far as music, the only music I listen to while I work is the chirping of birds and rustling of squirrels outside my office window.

3. Who are your favorite authors?

Oooh, I have bunches of favorites in the inspirational romance/romantic suspense genre, too many to name! But, as a new author to White Rose Publishing, I can’t wait to read all the new books coming out and catch up on the ones I haven’t read! WRP has a line-up of fabulous Christian writers! But, I have to confess, any book by Susan May Warren will automatically go to the top of the pile!

4. What kind of research did you do for this book?

JOURNEY’S END germinated with a seed from a newspaper article about a mobster, finally convicted for his crimes years later. I scoured the Internet for articles regarding the original news story and researched websites related to US Marshals.

5. What’s your next book about?

Here’s a sneak peek at JOURNEY’S EDGE, my second book featuring another Deputy U.S. Marshal, which I’m hoping my editor loves!

A routine audit? Hardly. Red flags — and the goon that’s following her — raise McKinley Frasier’s suspicions that numbers don’t add up at the insurance firm she’s auditing. And when someone tries to snatch her daughter from school, who does she turn to for protection? Renner Crossman, the cop who walked out on her one month before their wedding. Renner’s not the same guy who broke her heart ten years ago. He calls himself a “new man.” Can she trust the new Renner with her daughter’s safety? What about her heart?

6. Where can readers find your books? Do you have a website, blog, etc.?

Check out what’s new on my website ~ http://dorahiers.com/
Blog with me at ~ http://dorahiers.blogspot.com/