Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thursdays - Devotions for Writers

"I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers."
(Ephesians 1:16 NIV)

Last weekend, my sister got married and my family traveled from Seattle to Wisconsin to participate in the ceremony and following celebration. Although she’s in her early forties, this was my sister’s first wedding. So this was a big deal for our family, as well as the people residing in the small town where we grew up – and where she still lives.

Our mother helped as much as she could, but as they planned the event, the details became a bit overwhelming at times. My mom e-mailed or called me almost every day for weeks, asking advice. (I planned/help plan three weddings in six years for my immediate family.)

My mother asked if it was appropriate to give small gifts to various people who were helping with the ceremony or reception. I replied, “Absolutely.” I told her that even something inexpensive, along with a note thanking the person for his/her help in making the day go well, was important.

Everyone likes and needs to feel appreciated.

When it comes to your writing journey, it’s important to thank God for what He provides. But it’s also important to show appreciation to those who help along the way.

Remember to thank . . .

1) The supportive spouse who continues to be your cheerleader

2) The kids who pitch in with extra chores around the house when you’re on deadline

3) Writer friends who are there to celebrate successes, and empathize with failures

4) Your crit partners who continue to give feedback – even after they’ve read the same chapters multiple times

5) Non-writer friends who, even though they don’t understand this writing gig, pray for you

6) Experienced writers who are willing to mentor the less experienced

7) Authors who share their knowledge at conferences

8) Editors who work hard to help make your work shine

9) Agents who look out for your best interest

Who else could you add to the list?

Be mindful of those you need to thank, and remember to also pray for them.

Have a great week!


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