Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God's Chosen Topic

God's Chosen Topic
Worshipful Writers Series
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Has God ever asked you to write about something you’d rather not? To dig into your own places of pain and write transparently? To face a situation you’d rather not review in order to address someone else’s turmoil?

This is another way we worship God as His writers—obedience to write what He wants written.

This takes courage. Recently, He asked me to write about a topic I’d rather have left alone. But as I pounded out my work-in-progress (WIP), He showed me the ministerial value of delving into that place of pain and human weakness where He could meet with readers suffering from the same stronghold and bring them hope. (I’m a firm believer hope is a Christian writer’s commodity to be shared freely. *grin*)

This topic was one I’d experienced to a small degree over two decades ago, but which is still so prevalent. It was one I knew I’d have to research like crazy to find out the newest information. I’d have to talk to sufferers and professionals in order to address it respectfully and accurately. God provided the right resources for me to learn what I needed to learn (a medical professional, a mental health professional and a person who struggled with the issue). He made all the unknowns come together for me to write the story He required of me.

The final result is a story I believe will show the truth of the condition, as well as the hope readers can find in Christ. As I read it the final time before handing it in, I was amazed at the testimony of God’s goodness coming through. I’m glad He directed me to write the story the way He did, including the “tough” topic. I believe it strengthened the book.

God requires obedience, not sacrifice. He knows what He’s doing and who will read the novel once it’s finished. Writing what God asks of us, even when it’s tough, is one more way we serve God as worshipful writers.

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