Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Even If There’s Only One by Heather Norman Smith

Every once in a while, I wonder if it’s all worth it. Does it really matter? I pour my heart into story after story, day after day, and, begrudgingly, into the platform building that’s apparently required to “make it” in publishing. I long to share my words and to somehow make a difference in the world, for Him, but it often feels like I’m spinning my wheels.

Then I think of the Good Shepherd—how He left the other sheep behind because there was value in one soul. Just one was worth saving, worth reaching. And it makes me realize that, if all the time and emotion I invest in creating a book only benefits one person, it was worthwhile. It can’t save their soul, but if it brings joy, if it illuminates the love of God in the smallest way, then it’s worth the effort. And that’s true even if the person receiving the blessing is me.

Your art will never be in vain. Your words will never be useless.

God the Creator has a purpose in the gifts He’s given you, whether it’s to bless millions or only one. It’s worth it. We may not sell millions of copies of our books, and the story may not be life-changing for the reader, but if it merely entertains for a brief while, that’s enough. It’s possible that God will use the words in ways you never see, but rest assured, it’s worth it.

Keep writing, trusting Him to use the gift to bless whom He will—even if there’s only one. 


Heather lives in the Piedmont of North Carolina with her husband, their three children, and several pets. Her first novel “Grace & Lavender” released 3/1/19. Her second, “Where I Was Planted”, will be releasing sometime in the summer. Along with Christian Fiction, she enjoys writing devotions, children’s stories, and songs, and she loves singing about Jesus as well. You can visit her at


  1. I also live in the Piedmont of NC with my husband, 2 kids, & 1 dog. ;) Sometimes that testimony of the first stranger ever who wrote a glowing review saying it really touched them is all that keeps me going. But even if that's the only person I ever touch again, it was worth it.

    1. Hi, Neighbor! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook if you like. I grew up in Elkin and I live near Winston-Salem. I enjoy meeting new writer friends online.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words, Heather! Sometimes it's too tempting to focus on the number of sales instead of the positive feedback we receive from those who do read our books.

  3. In an industry that pushes numbers, leading us to obtain value in them, I appreciate the reminder of the one sheep that mattered enough for Jesus to go back for it. That one sheep is the one reader who was touched by our words. God willing, that one sheep knows a lot of other sheep with whom he/she can share what he/she read and the heart of the message is passed along organically. Great post, Heather! I'm in Hickory so quite close to WS, as well.

  4. Thanks for these words of encouragement, Heather!

  5. Such encouraging words Heather. Thank you. I am a writer also, but a bit stuck at the time. : ) I'm certain His timing will be perfect. I look forward to buying your book Sunday.

  6. This blessed me so much. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Write are doing it for the right purpose. And it is therapeutic for us writers.


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