Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Finding a Writer Friend by Angela Arndt

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Writing is a solitary profession. Have you ever seen a writer on deadline who could go for days with minimal contact? It's funny how we spend most of the time in front of a computer, trying to create a fictional world while we shut out the real one.

What is a "Writer Friend" and Why Do We Need One?

My husband is a beekeeper. Every day he works with his honeybees, learning how to raise queens, split hives, treat for mites, etc. Now y'all, I do love my husband, but when he starts talking about any of the above, honestly, my eyes glaze over. And his eyes do the same when I talk about character creation and building story worlds. He and I have a great relationship but our interests differ.

Writers need writer friends. It takes another writer to understand why I'd pour a year of my life into a several hundred pages of story that will be consumed by my readers in a short period of time.

How to Find a Writer Friend

So where do we find an understanding writer friend? Here's an easy way to do it:
  1. Find a group of writers. 
I know Facebook is falling out of favor with the younger crowd, but it’s a great place to start and it's FREE. 

In the Facebook search box, type “Christian Writers,” “Christian writers group,” “Christian Fiction Writers,” or whatever interests you. Hit enter, then click "Groups" near the top of the page.

    If you want to find a local group, use a search engine like Google or Safari to search for a writer's group in the town near you.
  2. Join and participate. That's it. The online method is a little easier for introverts because all communication's done from the comfort of your home. Extroverts may enjoy a local group meeting even if it does take a little extra time, effort, and courage.  

It's all about the Relationship

Writers are observers and recorders: listening in on conversations for dialogue ideas, staring up into the sky to remember the name of the perfect color of a sweater, or reliving a painful event in our minds so that we can put characters through the same trauma. We do all this to connect with our readers.

Work just as hard to make new writer friends. Remember the old adage, "To find a friend, be a friend." Comment in groups, on blogs, and go to physical meetings. Offer to read a chapter or two. And keep writing. You'll soon find a friend.

The Ultimate Friend

Have you ever seen a rose missing a few petals? It’s lopsided. Sad-looking. And it reminds me of a writer trying to do it all alone. 

No one can do that. Not even a spouse or close friend can complete us. But God promised to strengthen us, help us and hold us. Whether you find a writer friend or not, God is always there for us, helping us when we’re missing a few petals. He's our ultimate friend.

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About the Author

Angela Arndt
Angela Arndt
 is Jesus-follower and God-lover. She loves to write women’s fiction with a thread of romance and tell stories of strong, independent women in difficult situations. Her biggest hope is that she will encourage others to overcome their own “back roads” to find their joy in the Lord.

She and her husband, Charles, live on a bee farm in the middle of a big wood with their three furbabies: Beau, Harley, and Buddy the Wonder Dog.

She'd love for you to join her on her websiteblogTwitterInstagram, or Facebook.


  1. I don't know what I'd do without my writer friends, Angie, including you and everyone in this SW community!! Thank you all for your support!

    1. I count you as my writer-friend and my "friend-friend," Sandy! Yes, everyone in the SW community is so open to help and encouraging. I feel very blessed to be a part of SeriouslyWrite. (And I'm very blessed to be called your friend, too!)

  2. I agree with you and Sandy! So grateful for the SW team and writing community here and through ACFW. My critique group friends hold each other up, commiserate, pray for, and rejoice with each other. So grateful we don't have to go it alone. And for those days I'm "alone" at my computer, God reminds me how near He is. ❤ Great post, Angie!

    1. Yes and amen! Thanks so much, Annette! I'm so grateful for you and Dawn, not only for inviting me to join this "family," but for being just an email away whenever I need prayer support. God has blessed me with your friendship!

  3. Amen! Amen! Amen! I'm so grateful for my writer friends.

    1. Ditto, Dawn! (Couldn't resist the alliteration!) Hugs, sweet friend o' mine!

  4. Amen Angie! You've been a great writer friend! And a good roomie as well at a writing conference. Funny I just posted a difference between FB friends and FB writing friends.

    Blessed to have you as a friend indeed.


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